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Learn Business English in Casablanca

The use of the English language has recently grown considerably in the world of business, especially in Casablanca. English is the language of international trade worldwide. Whether it is a large international company or a small company that wants to develop its business, speaking English is a major asset for success.

To learn business English in Casablanca, Wall Street English offers personalized courses to help you reach the level you need for your professional success and the success of your business.

Business English is indispensable ; to boost your career, move to a new position or new responsibilities or simply to develop your business at the international level.

Today, the world of business is more and more globalized. There are many situations where it is necessary to speak business English :

Business English to attend trade Fairs abroad

To represent your company abroad or in Casablanca at international Trade shows. Business English will allow you to easily communicate and exchange with international visitors at your stand.

Communicate with international partners

In most countries of the world, to negotiate with foreign suppliers or to communicate with your customers abroad, business English is essential.

Speak at your meetings

When all the participants in a business meeting do not speak the same language, it is common to use the English language to express oneself. Thanks to our trainings, you will be able to speak in all circumstances and easily communicate your ideas to all participants during your business meetings.

Learn Business English to write your emails

Thanks to new technologies, it is now very easy to contact partners abroad. Business  English will allow you to write your e-mails correctly and to communicate clearly and effectively with suppliers or customers located abroad.

Professional English to energize your career

To succeed in your professional career and access new responsibilities, professional English is a considerable advantage.

Our offers for companies

Wall Street English Core Course

A full comprehensive training, including different levels, to learn general and Business English.

Customized training

Training according to the needs and the demand of the learner. That is a “one to one” training or for a group of learners to learn business English with training adapted to your needs.

SpeakOut / Market Leader

Training exclusively for companies in groups of up to 6 people. Market Leader, a method for learning English in 12 different levels from Beginner to Expert. Each level of the Market Leader program includes theoretical courses and interactive learning tools (BBC news videos, Financial Times articles, case studies, interviews of managers, workshops...). Market Leader also offers practical courses, on the digital platform "MyEnglishLab" to complete the courses face to face.

Our trainings are eligible to the CSF

With Wall Street English, you can finance your training through the CSF (Special Training Contracts). For more information, contact our center in Casablanca at

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